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GOLD looks great with CTS

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Here at California Therapy Solutions, we pride ourselves on the amazing team of therapists we have and how they truly impact the community in wellness and inspiration amongst all ages and people. While we all dream of gold, we wanted to celebrate an amazing team member that truly exemplifies this. On June 26th our very own Costa Mesa Clinic Director, Bill Gabriel coached 10-year-old Kai Reynolds to victory to not one, not two, but THREE gold medals and the ultimate title, National Weight-Lifting Champion, at the 2021 US Weight-Lifting National Championships in Detroit, Michigan! A well-earned ranking after the two trained together in CTS’s Junior Olympic Weight-Lifting Program for over a year, leading to this momentous event.

A recap of the BIG day:

A recap of the BIG day in Bill’s words:

“To start, it should be noted that Kai didn't use his normal technique for snatch lifts. They decided to try a new technique. Bill himself was nervous about this new change in plans as it was a "new animal". He chose to get into a low squat position as he observed everyone else doing it. It was remarkable how well he did it as compared to his history as it wasn't part of the original plan. As they entered warm-ups, Bill's blood pressure was up due to Kai's 25kg snatch attempt being the heaviest opener posed for all the 32kg category. Nerves were at an absolute high. Leading up to this he did a kilo less in his workout the day prior.

“At the warm-up, Bill chose to extend the dynamic of their stretching period to accommodate the long wait. With a new environment of high ceilings, a big crowd, and an unfamiliar scene for the two, it was evident that tensions were high and excitement was radiating as new energy can make for strange things. Bill's coaching extended to keeping the energy calm despite all the newness surrounding them.

“Stakes were high with Kai's competition raising his opening attempt to above Kai's 33kg, Kai completed 34kg while a trailing competitor then jumped to 35kg with success. There was even a role reversal amongst Kai and his competitor in the snatch, clean and jerk styles. They could feel the competition and stakes were high, it was time to do something they'd never done before. The chase was on, the thrill was there.

“It was a big aim but Kai and Bill went for the goal of 37kg to ensure victory. Kai's best clean and jerk prior was 35kg. Though there was a difficulty, he set a new personal record and cleared 37kg! Though his following competitor trailed with 39kg, he couldn't hold it. Sealing the national title to Kai! It was a gamble to go for that heavier weight however the technique was very strong, clean and led them to the ultimate victory.

“We are so incredibly proud of both Bill Gabriel and Kai for success after a long year of training for this moment. Those early mornings of training with CTS’ Junior Olympic Weight-Lifting Program, really paid off – Congratulations Kai! We can't wait to follow, share and cheer for all the success ahead for Kai and his training partners in the program.”

Watch & enjoy, the up-close and heartwarming moment:

Courtesy of Kai's Instagram:

Follow along his journey!

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