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A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, during which there has been a change in brain function. It is typically the result of an external force to the head, and/or body, which causes the head to move rapidly back and forth.  This sudden movement causes the brain to bounce or twist in the skull, stretching and damaging brain cells and thus creates chemical changes within the brain (CDC). A concussion may or may not be accompanied by a loss of consciousness. 


Because a concussion is a heterogeneous injury that is characterized by a myriad of symptoms, variable clinical presentations, and recovery trajectories, it is important that you see a professional who specializes in concussion care.


At California Therapy Solutions, we specialize in providing individualized care for patients with concussion. We utilize the latest clinical evidence, guidelines for best practices for physical therapy, and evidence-based technologies to provide a unique, world class approach to your recovery. As no two concussions are alike, we will take the necessary steps to identify the source of your symptoms, understand how this injury has affected your lifestyle, and create a rehabilitation approach designed to resolve impaired function in order to get you back doing what you love. 



​In 2019, the first evidence-based guidelines for concussion were published, in order to highlight the prevalence of known impairments after an injury occurs.  These guidelines classified the most common concussive clinical presentations into subtypes. These subtypes consist of ​dysfunctions that can be effectively treated and resolved with physical therapy. The five concussive subtypes are:







Cervical injuries and sleep disturbances are also common with concussion, and often add complexity to the treatment and recovery timeline.  Symptoms of a concussion can vary widely from individual to individual and alone often are not likely to help distinguish the involvement of one subtype versus another.

​A history of multiple concussions, or prior conditions such as migraine, anxiety/depression, ADHD, or neck strain, may prolong the recovery from concussion. ​

Gaining access to a medical provider as soon as possible after injury is often the best way to confirm a diagnosis and establish an effective treatment plan that can begin soon thereafter.


In partnership with the Stanford University Brain Performance Center, we utilize cutting edge technology to perform a comprehensive evaluation to help you determine if a concussive event has occurred. During these assessments, we collect objective data to further define diagnoses and are at the forefront of therapies to help you recover from a concussion. Our data also allows you to differentiate when it is safe and appropriate to return to normal activities and those related to work and sports.

At CTS, our comprehensive concussion evaluation includes the following:

Clinical Interview

Computerized Neurocognitive Testing

Ocular-motor Assessment

Vestibular and Balance Assessment

Symptom/ Mood Inventory

Cervical Assessment

After the evaluation, we may provide the following treatment and rehabilitation: 

Cardiovascular Exertional Training

Cognitive Fatigue Monitoring and Accommodations

Vision Therapy and Training

Vestibular System Habituation and Training

Multi-Sensory Integration

Cervical Manual Therapy

Sport Specific Integration


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Concussion Screening
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