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BrainPlus™ is a comprehensive concussion management program unique to California Therapy Solutions and offered in conjunction with preferred partners and providers, select athletic organizations and school systems in the Orange County area.


BrainPlus™ offers the following services:

Concussion Education

Pre-season Baseline Testing


 Pre-diagnosis Screening

 Comprehensive Treatment and Rehabilitation After Diagnosis



In partnership with TeachAids, a non-profit organization and world leader in the design, production and distribution of health information from Stanford University, we offer the most current, evidence-based educational programming about concussions. Designed by, and for young athletes, CrashCourse is a multi-purpose educational curriculum that engages athletes, challenges their assumptions and the stigma surrounding concussion, and meets California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) guidelines for providing pre-season concussion education and training for athletes and coaches.



The best way to determine how your brain is functioning is to gather information before an incident occurs. If we have this information, we can determine when you have completely recovered from a concussion and, this is extremely valuable in your rehabilitation and return to play. Prior to arriving to your baseline testing, please complete the following forms:



If you are unlucky enough to suffer a concussion, it is important we see you for follow up testing as soon as possible, and ideally within 48 hours of the injury. In doing so, we can accurately compare your pre-season baseline information to that of your post-concussion results. This information is critical towards guiding the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, even before you have seen your physician. If you suffer a concussion, the first thing to do is contact us to be scheduled immediately for injury screening prior to seeing your physician. Once this is completed, we will share the results and our recommendations for treatment directly with your physician. Please note, if our recommendations also include modifications for work, school or sport, these will also be communicated as part of the recovery plan.



After your injury has been diagnosed by your physician, you may require treatment and rehabilitation in order to properly recover. This may include the following interventions provided by our trained Physical Therapists:

Cardiovascular Exertional Training

Cognitive Fatigue Monitoring and Accommodations


Vision Therapy and Training


Vestibular System Habituation and Training


Multi-Sensory Integration


Cervical Manual Therapy


Sport Specific Integration

Looking for additional resources? If you have experienced a concussion, you are not alone. Explore a variety of stories full of inspiration and recovery below.


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