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Equipment Needed for At-Home Physical Therapy

By: Dr. Thomas Duong, PT, DPT

During these difficult times of fear and uncertainty, fitness centers are closed and social

distancing orders are in place. It is very easy to fall into a routine of inactivity, don't let yourself fall victim! There are several pieces of gym equipment that is affordable to help you complete your exercise routine at home! Below are different pieces of equipment that allow you to work on flexibility, mobility, and strength all in the comfort of your own home. Links of equipment will be provided below!

1. Yoga mat

If you have hardwood flooring this is a great addition to provide cushion to complete all

sorts of stretches, yoga poses, and bodyweight exercises to improve strength and

flexibility. ($10-$20)

2. Resistance bands/loops

Resistance bands are a great addition to have! It allows you to add resistance to current

bodyweight exercises you're doing including squats or pushups. It also opens the door

to many additional mobility and strengthening exercises for every body part! ($20-$40)

3. Foam rolling/tennis ball

Getting yourself a foam roller or tennis ball is great for releasing those stubborn trigger

points and loosening up those stiff muscles. It is a must-have to start and end your

exercise routine. ($15-$20)

4. Dumbbells

Another option to provide additional resistance is grabbing a few dumbbells. They are so

versatile allowing you to add resistance to any exercise you are currently doing!

Don’t let these difficult times stop you from keeping active and consistent with your

exercise/rehab routine. These are fairly inexpensive pieces of equipment that will provide you

more than enough variety to complete all of your exercises! And even better they can be

ordered off of Amazon so you don’t even need to leave your house to get them!

Amazon links to equipment:

Resistance loops


Resistance bands


Dumb bells


Yoga mats








Foam roller a?dchild=1&keywords=foam+roller&qid=1590794291&sr=83spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdG


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