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5 Reasons to Try Virtual Physical Therapy

By: Dr. Tiane Mendoza, PT, DPT

In the midst of chaos, you can still get the help you need so you can move without pain. Since COVID, Telehealth has been rapidly expanding in physical therapy. As healthcare providers, safety is our #1 priority while providing high quality care. We are staying up to date with ways to better serve our communities. Virtual physical therapy has been a way to provide care in the comfort and safety of your own home during this time, where evaluations, assessments, and treatments are done online.

The stresses of the COVID pandemic is enough, and stress from your physical aches/pain does not have to be another layer. Virtual physical therapy can kick start your journey in recovery and easing your pain, while empowering you to be in control. When the world returns to “normal life,” will you be ready to bounce back, pain free? Virtual physical therapy is designed specifically for you, so you can return to what you love, pain-free!

5 reasons to try virtual physical therapy and keep it up!

1. Quick. Getting help sooner, means feeling better sooner. Clinics are not filling at max capacity, so booking an appointment may take longer in person. Virtual sessions allows booking appointments sooner; they are also quick, and saves time driving to/from the clinic.

2. Convenience. Getting help in the safety and comfort of your own home. Online sessions are quick, easy, and flexible, which means we are able to fit it into your unique schedule. Again, clinics are not yet running at full capacity, which means appointments in person are more limited. The ability to have your appointment any time and anywhere makes it convenient for everyone. Telehealth in the long term will be a great follow-up appointment for those who just need a progression in their home exercises program.

3. Customized. When it comes to evaluation, assessment, and treatment, it is based on your personalized case. The process is still the same when we tailor your program to your specific concerns and needs. Virtual sessions actually make it more customizable, because we are able to see what your environment looks like. This includes what your home looks like, what equipment you have, etc. It gives us a better idea of how we can specialize treatment for you and what’s available to work with.

4. Demonstrations/videos. We provide you with resources so you are well equipped when we are not chatting 1 on 1, online. For example, exercise demonstrations through videos are available for you. You’ll be able to refer back to them at any time, and as many times as you’d like, all at your own convenience. We also write out verbal instructions/explanations to enhance learning. Q & A via email is available to ensure you are confident with your physical therapy program.

5. Self-empowerment. We give you the tools to be in control of your own body. Education is an important part of physical therapy, whether in the clinic or online. We ensure you are well equipped to progress and maintain your physical health, independently. A well thought out program goes a long way! You’ll learn about stretches, exercises, posture, techniques unique to your case. With virtual physical therapy, you will gain confidence and control of your body.

Will you wait with the rest of the world, or will you jump into action in taking control of your pain? Virtual physical therapy is an opportunity to get the results you’re looking for without waiting. To learn more or book an appointment with our physical therapists, please check out the link below!

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