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CTS remains OPEN for your physical therapy during the COVID-19 crisis, but if you are unable to come to the clinic for any reason, you can receive consultation and treatment with our Physical Therapists via TELEHEALTH.


Receiving Physical Therapy has never been easier. Schedule a Telehealth (video-visit) appointment and receive PT from the comfort of your home! To schedule a Telehealth visit please call 949-722-5054.

Your confidence in CTS inspires us to deliver you the best PT experience possible and we never take for granted your decision to come to CTS.


What is a Telehealth/PT E-Visit?

A Telehealth/E-Visit allows you to meet with your provider through secure video conferencing from the comfort of your home or preferred location. Although he/she will not be there physically, your provider will be able to see you and you will be able to see and hear your provider, similar to an in-office visit.

How do I prepare for my E-Visit?

To ensure your visit goes smoothly, please complete the four (4) steps outlined below.


​STEP 1: Choose a device

You must use at least (1) of the following devices: 

  • Laptop Computer with a Display, Speakers, Built-In or External Camera and Microphone

  • Desktop Computer with a Display, Speakers, External Camera and Microphone

  • Tablet with a Camera and Microphone

  • Smartphone with at least a 5.5" Display, Camera and Microphone


STEP 2: Laptop and Desktops: Confirm Internet and Browsers

You must have reliable internet access and at least one (1) of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer (IE 7+)

  • Safari 5+


STEP 3: Complete the intake forms

Please fill out and submit intake forms on the Patient Portal prior to your E-visit.

STEP 4: Find a quiet, private space

Wear athletic-type clothing that will allow your provider to evaluate movements related to your condition. Check your email for the "" link.

Preparing for your appointment

  • 10 minutes prior to your appointment, you will receive a phone call from our office staff. They will conduct a virtual check-in, collect any copay (please have a credit card available).

  • Find a quiet and private space where you're less likely to be distracted. DO NOT DRIVE while having the visit.

  • Prepare to show identification (Driver's License) onscreen to the provider.

  • Access the "" link you received via email. On a laptop/desktop, the link will take you to the waiting room.

  • You will wait in the virtual meeting room for the provider.

At the time of the appointment

  • Your provider will accept you into the virtual meeting room when they are prepared to begin your visit.

  • Please be prepared to confirm your identity by showing your ID (Driver's License).

  • The visit will be similar to an in-person visit. You will be able to interact on-screen, ask questions, explain your current reason for the call, and listen to your provider's feedback.

  • There may be a delay in audio, so please pause during the conversation so you are not talking at the same time.

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