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How movement can help you achieve a longer & healthier life

While it is important for all ages to exercise and maintain levels of physical activity, it is of high importance that older adults stay active for their own health and well-being. As we age, the risk becomes higher for various chronic diseases. This means it becomes even more important to continue moving forward in your wellness journey, even as you get older. The best way to stay preventative and combative around these illnesses and diseases is to keep your body moving with activity, and daily.

Activity and exercise can extend to a variety of movement, physical activity increasing at any age will rapidly improve levels of health. It doesn’t mean you always have frequent the gym and lift heavy every single day, or even hit the gym at all. The goal is movement and staying physical.

While that is extremely beneficial for all ages, what this also extends to is enjoyable movements and practices to increase activity levels. Think of activities like going for a walk, yoga, dancing or even a bike ride will be of benefit to you. Exercise doesn’t have to be extreme or intense to improve your quality of life. To make it more fun, one could even invite friends or family to make socializing an added benefit with these fun activities. You’ll be benefiting your mental and physical health all in one.

Overall, what’s truly important is moving and celebrating that you did something, even if it doesn’t seem like much, something is better than nothing and effort is success, even if it’s small. We’re all human, we all hit road bumps in our health and wellness journey, but what’s most important is that you simply keep moving. Your health depends on it!


Saplakoglu, Yasemin. "More evidence on the importance of physical activity for older adults", Stanford Medicine, September 28th, 2016

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