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Fun Activities to Pass the Time During Quarantine

Updated: Jun 19

By: Dr. Katia Correa, PT, DPT

It goes without saying, things are understandably weird right now. As the world tries to combat COVID-19, people across the globe are staying home, quarantining, and practicing social distancing. While staying home is necessary right now, it means we all have a lot for free time on our hands. If you’re like me, I was struggling with ways to keep my ADHD self occupied. Here are tons of fun things to do at home for the entire family to pass time during your coronavirus quarantine.

My favorite new hobby? Tie-dying. It’s weird to think that a fad from so long ago is back, but it is! Before COVID, I’d never even thought to tie-dye something. But let me tell you, once I started, I wanted to tie-dye everything! I made family, friends, and even my dog some sort of tie-dye apparel. I have to say my 9-week old nephew’s tie-dyed onesie takes the prize. Tie-dying is a great way to get your creative juices flowing as well. From spiral patterns to shapes, you can create it all.

If you’re not so into the creative aspect, try getting the brain going with a jigsaw puzzle. From 200 to 500 or 1,000 pieces, puzzle making will definitely keep you occupied! A great tip to keep in touch with friends is a social distance puzzle exchange. Swap puzzles every week with your group of friends to keep things fresh.

If puzzles aren’t your thing, try learning a new instrument. Or if you know how to play, try learning a new song. I used to play the piano when I was younger but have since ditched the keys for the strings of the guitar. I’ve taught myself the basics (thank you YouTube) and love learning my new favorite songs. My neighbor and I will occasionally have some social distance jams sessions from across the street.

Other suggestions include:

  • Learn a new recipe to cook/bake

  • Garden

  • Start a new tv series

  • Start a virtual book club with friends

  • Organize/ clean out your closet

  • Paint a picture

  • Try an online yoga class

  • Have a DIY spa day

  • Take an online tour of a museum (google online museum tours)

  • Go on a digital safari (

  • Try a science experiment (

I myself have recently been watching the live webcams of animals across the globe! Technology today is a wonderful way of keeping us connected as a society as well as introduce things we may never have had the chance to see. I hope I was able to provide great options of fun activities to keep you and or your family occupied during this quarantine! Stay safe and healthy!

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